Monday, February 22

would you? do you? could you?

will you make me smile whenever i'm sad?
will you carry me around when my arthritis is bad?
is it all you wanna do is grow old with me?

will you get me medicine when my tummy aches?
will you build me a fire if the furnace breaks?
oh, could it be so nice growing old with me?

will you miss me?
will you kiss me?
will you give me your coat when i am cold?
will you need me?
will you feed me?
will you even let me hold the remote control?

will you do the dishes in our kitchen sink?
will you put me to bed when i've had too much to drink?
oh, could you be the man who grows old with me?
do you wanna grow old with me?


Saturday, September 19

do you really want it?

you gotta REALLY want it, to get it!

do you really want...
... success?
... love?

... peace?
... happiness?
... health?
... wealth?

if you REALLY want success, you'll be successful.
if you REALLY want love, you'll be lovabe and you'll be loved.
if you REALLY want peace, you'll be peaceful.
if you REALLY want happines, you'll be happy.
if you REALLY want health, you'll be healthy.
if you REALLY want wealth, you'll be wealthy.

they key is you really want it

the problem with many people is... they don't really want it. they think it'll be great to have it...
but it'll be okaaaaaay not to have it.

when we really want something so badly, we will work towards it, find solutions and ways to get it.

do you know that...
the amount of energy used to lit a light bulb, equals to the same amount of energy used by laser to cut steel?
so, the amount of energy is that same... what is the difference?
the difference is... the laser is focused.
another example is the sun.
the sun brings warmth when it shines during the day, and when the sun is focused, it can start a fire! (we experimented that during science class in high school)
the sun is still the sun... so, what is the difference?
the difference is... the sun is focused.

you gotta be focused on your own desire, be focused on what you want.

you can only achieve whatever you want, if you REALLY want that whatever!

so, the next time you say you want something, think again... do you REALLY want it?

if you really want it, you must say it. tell someone, tell your family, share with your friends, etc.
and if you say it, you must mean it. otherwise, you are lying to the people whom you share it with.
and if you mean it, you must do it, like you mean it, like you say it, like you really want it!

by adding action into what you really want, then you are on the way to achieving it.

happy getting what you REALLY want!

Tuesday, November 11

Join Shape Me Over Weight Loss Competition

For registration and enquiries, contact Jerry at +6012 539 6708

We'll be at Leader Garden Community Hall, Tanjung Bungah, Penang, Malaysia every Saturday from 2.00pm - 3.30pm

*Obesity is one of the factors that lead to cancer. As a community service, 5% of the registration fee goes to MAKNA (Majlis Kanser Nasional) or National Cancer Council.

Friday, March 14

Health Challenge | Day 10

Tropical Fruit Shake


Indian Vegetarian

Excretion without pills

Thursday, March 13

Health Challenge | Day 9

Tropical Fruit Shake

Pineapple and Tropical Fruit Shake

Papaya and Tropical Fruit Shake

Wednesday, March 12

Health Challenge | Day 8

Tropical Fruit Shake

Wan Tan Mee

Tropical Fruit Shake

Tuesday, March 11

Health Challenge | Day 7

Chocolate Shake

Vegetable soup

Haagen Dazs ice cream

Monday, March 10

Health Challenge | Day 6

Bread with jam

Vegetable soup

Tropical Fruit Shake

Sunday, March 9

Health Challenge | Day 5

Chocolate Shake (blend with a quarter of banana)

Throughout Morning:
Tea Mix

2 pieces of prunes and Old Town nasi lemak

Tropical Shake (blend with orange juice and a quarter of banana)

Excretion without pills

Saturday, March 8

Health Challenge | Day 4

Chocolate Shake

Salad (without dressing)

2 pieces McD Nuggets and Tea Mix

Chocolate Shake

Green apple

Friday, March 7

Health Challenge | Day 3

Instant noodle

Red bean dessert

Tropical Fruit Shake

Thursday, March 6

Health Challenge | Day 2

Tropical Fruit Shake (mix with orange juice)

Tropical Fruit Shake

Sausage bun

Wednesday, March 5

Health Challenge | Day 1

Chocolate Shake

A slice of papaya and Tropical Fruit Shake

Tropical Shake

Monday, February 25

My Best Friend's Wedding

It's a good movie. It reaffirms how crazy a person can be when in love.

In fact, the most painful is to see the person you love marry someone else.

Sunday, February 17

Japanese Diet

1. Japanese diet is based on fish, soya, rice, vegetables and fruits.

2. The Japanese eat much smaller portions and serve them on beautiful, small-sized tableware.

3. Japanese cooking is super-light and ultra-gentle.

4. The Japanese eat rice instead of bread with every meal.

5. Japanese women are the princesses of power breakfast.

6. Japanese women are crazy for dessert… in a special way.

7. Japanese women have a different relationship with food.

8. Japanese exercise throughout the day – naturally.

9. Practise hara hachi bunme – eat until you are 80% full.

Saturday, February 16

Lose Weight Now!

Are you serious about...
... losing weight?
... gaining weight?
... maintaining your weight?
... or improving your health?

If you are serious, ask me how, NOW!

Change your life today with better health!

Saturday, December 15

Jesus is the Ultimate Gift

Jesus is the gift that perfectly fits every heart
and it is with His love that all celebration starts.
We rejoice in Him as we remember His birth
and thank God for sending His only Son to earth.
His life led from a manger to a cross on a hill
where He faithfully followed His Father’s perfect will.
He freely laid down everything so that we could live,
and there is no greater treasure anyone could give.
Like a scarlet ribbon His love wrapped around the cross
and He offered it to us all at the greatest cost.
So each time that we give we remember what He’s done
and honor the perfect Gift – God’s one and only Son.

Friday, December 14

You & Me

When I laugh, you laugh with me
When I cry, I cry alone...
When you're attacked, I defend you
When I'm attacked, I defend myself...

Thursday, December 13

I am a Coke bottle...

I carry my own load.
I'm on my own.
When my load is full and heavy,
I can only wish a human would tip me over...
And let the heavy burden flow out of my narrow neck.
Though I'm beautiful,
I carry a load of deadly potion.
I'm bottled up.
I'm a Coke bottle.

I am a shield...

I carry my own shield.
I fight my own battle.
When I turn around, there's no back up.
I look over the battle line, the attackers are my allies.
I stand on my own.
I'm a shield.

Tuesday, November 20

What would you do?

Walked into a shop.
Browsed through the items.
Tried them on.
Chose your favourite.
Decided to pay.
Looked into your bag.

What would you do?
a. Truthfully inform that you forgot your wallet
b. Politely inform that you will come back – but you never return
c. Leave the shop when the assistant is busy packing the item

Monday, November 12

WARNING: Disgusting Post!

You have been warned! I hold no responsibility to the aftermath…

I couldn’t believe that I squatted for about 15 minutes, just releasing the decomposed food from my system! I wonder where all that junk stored inside my body. If I were to weigh the waste, it could easily hit the 1000gram point. No kidding!

My legs were numb and sore when I finished my business. But after, I felt lighten and free from carrying those human-manure… Carry your own shit!

I’m clean now!

Saturday, November 10

Yes? No?

At the mention of the word s.e.x., many people would run and hide, trying to avoid the topic altogether. Well, it struck my mind this morning while I was driving. And I realise that we the topic is in every family conversations. So why is it a taboo when we talk about it almost every single day?

Why do you shun the topic when it was brought up?
Why do you blush in red when your friends talk about it?
Why do you flash that disapproving look?

Now, don’t your aunts or great grand aunts ask, “When are you getting married?”
Don’t they mean when will be your first time?

Don’t parents frequently ask their married children, “Where’s my grandchild?”
And, don’t they mean are you having enough sex?

Even your conservative friends would ask, “Are you expecting soon?”
Don’t they mean how’s your s.e.x. life?

When you fill up survey forms and tick the column for ‘married’, the following question is “number of children”.
Isn’t it just another way of questioning your s.e.x. activity?

So, why do we consider it a taboo when we indirectly and implicitly talk about it? And we even accept the topic when it is crafted in another way. It may seem that we are just hypocrites, trying to avoid the hush-hush topic but we talk about it openly in a polished manner. In fact, the main issue here is… not what we say, but how we say it.

Yes? No?

Monday, September 3

The Cheating Wife

It all started when William invited his friends over for dinner some years ago
Happens that Annette knew one of his friends – Jack, an old friend from long ago
Mixed feelings stirred, confusion between passion and infatuation – she felt so
Consciously, she knew it was wrong but she wanted to feel the thrill and gusto

It was purely for the satisfaction of the escapade… an exploration, she said
Never meant anything to her heart though a thought slipped through her head
“How does it feel like? What will life be like if I’d chosen Jack instead?”
After years of thinking, the adrenaline rush eventually sparked their first cheating date

Wednesday, August 15

What would you do?

I was at 7-Eleven during lunch today. A woman came in and asked for money so she could buy something to eat.

"I'll buy you bread," I responded.
"I want to eat rice."
"I'll buy you economy rice then."
"No, I want money to buy a pack of rice. You can give me any amount you like."
"I'm sorry. I see you still have money to buy cigarettes, you should be able to buy rice."

Well, how would you react to situation like this? I feel very sorry for the lady, I really do hope I could have contributed. But if everyone were to support her, she will not learn the survival skills in this world. I would gladly buy her something to eat, but I just don't trust money in her hands.

So, what would you do?

Friday, July 6

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